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Biden’s latest dig at Trump conjures doomsday, tyranny, and desperation

Biden is going for the jugular, but will Americans agree with his assessment?

Joe Biden’s public relations team is doing everything they can to frame the 2020 primaries as already over.

Biden, the former Vice President under Barack Obama, has employed a wild strategy during the run-up to 2020.  The first indication of this came via Biden’s late entry into the race itself, allowing twenty-some-odd other democrats to enter the crowded field and populate the primary elections with absolutely batty concepts.  Bernie Sanders even went so far as to proclaim that incarcerated felons should be allowed to vote from prison – a bid to garner votes from their loved ones on the outside.

This late entry also allowed Biden to size up the field long before his official announcement.  By waiting as long as he has Biden was certain that he would be the biggest name in the 2020 race, and his impact on the field was like an asteroid strike that propelled him to the top of the heap easily.

It also gave Biden an opportunity to address the accusations of inappropriate conduct leveled at him by at least 7 women before voters had a chance to punish him in the polls for it.

Now, his PR team has been hard at work framing the entire 2020 election as “Biden versus Trump”, effectively portraying the primaries as already decided.

The former VP’s latest comments on Trump are an extraordinary escalation of this visage, and came in early caucus state Iowa.

Biden will campaign in the eastern part of the crucial caucus state, with stops in Ottumwa and Mt. Pleasant before giving his speech in Davenport. He’s also expected to hammer the president over climate change and health care.

“I believe Trump is an existential threat to America,” Biden will say.

The former vice president’s trip – his second to Iowa since launching his 2020 presidential campaign in late April – comes two days after he skipped the first major cattle call of the year in Iowa.

Biden took some incoming fire for missing the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame dinner, which was held Sunday in Cedar Rapids. Nineteen of the nearly two-dozen candidates spoke at the annual gathering.

Biden has long been criticized for his tortoise-like campaigning pace as well, allowing his Trump-given nickname of “Sleepy Joe” to gain even more footing on the national stage.



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