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Big Apple’s Social Distancing ‘Snitch’ Hotline Gets Swamped with Hitler Memes and Prank Calls

It seems as though New Yorkers weren’t too appreciative of the Mayor’s hotline.

Despite the fact that over 44,000 Americans have already died from COVID-19, there are still plenty who walk among us who don’t wish to take the global pandemic seriously.  These are the folks who think that this virus, which essentially shut down the entire world before it got to America, is something no more dangerous than the common flu.

In order to combat this obliviousness, federal and local authorities have been stressing that social distancing is the only way to keep the virus from spreading.  They’ve enacted ordinances that restrict the amount of people that can be in any particular space at any particular time, and they’ve told us to begin wearing face coverings, just in case we are unwittingly contagious.

And some have even asked us to snitch on those who disobey.  In New York, a hotline set up for the purpose of gathering “tips” about citizens who aren’t following proper social distancing protocols is getting spammed by a very unappreciative public.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s critics let him know how they really felt about him ordering New Yorkers to snitch on each other for violating social-distancing rules — by flooding his new tip line with crank complaints including “dick pics” and people flipping the bird, The Post has learned.

Photos of extended middle fingers, the mayor dropping the Staten Island groundhog and news coverage of him going to the gym have all been texted to a special tip line that de Blasio announced Saturday, according to screenshots posted on Twitter.

The message were brutal, and some even featured harsh language.

One user sent the message “We will fight this tyrannical overreach!” to the service and got an automated message that in part said, “Hello, and thank you for texting NYC311.”

“F–k you!” replied @MorganLSchmidt1, along with a meme showing Adolf Hitler and the words “TO THOSE TURNING IN YOUR NEIGHBORS AND LOCAL BUSINESSES — YOU DID THE REICH THING.”

New York City’s leadership has been under a microscope during this viral calamity, as The Big Apple remains the world’s COVID-19 epicenter this week.

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