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Big Pharma Behemoths Sued by FORTY STATES Over Price-Hike Scheme

The latest evidence of Big Pharma’s pillaging of We The People will absolutely INFURIATE you.

We hear it nearly every day:  Americans’ number one concern in 2019 is the cost of their healthcare.

This was one of the horrific and unspoken realities of our wholesale Obamacare debacle, in which the American people were mandated to purchase private health care in an unprecedented and possibly unconstitutional maneuver.

For the last two years, President Donald Trump has been working to overturn much of the “Affordable Care Act” because, as anyone with any business sense will tell you, forcing someone to purchase a product is a form of corporate entrapment that allows the sellers to do whatever the hell they want.

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The same holds true for prescription drug prices as well, with a great many Americans relying on a pill or two a day to have the quality of life they deserve and the pursuit of happiness that they are guaranteed.

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That’s why 80% of the states in our union are looking to sue generic drug companies after a scheme to artificially inflate prices was unearthed.

Leading drug companies including Teva, Pfizer, Novartis and Mylan conspired to inflate the prices of generic drugs by as much as 1,000 percent, according to a far-reaching lawsuit filed on Friday by 44 states.

The industrywide scheme affected the prices of more than 100 generic drugs, according to the complaint, including lamivudine-zidovudine, which treats H.I.V.; budesonide, an asthma medication; fenofibrate, which treats high cholesterol; amphetamine-dextroamphetamine for A.D.H.D.; oral antibiotics; blood thinners; cancer drugs; contraceptives; and antidepressants.

“We all know that prescription drugs can be expensive,” Gurbir S. Grewal, the New Jersey attorney general, said in a statement. “Now we know that high drug prices have been driven in part by an illegal conspiracy among generic drug companies to inflate their prices.”

Worse still; it appears that “rival” manufacturers were all in on the same scam.

The bulk of the collusive activity occurred from July 2013 to January 2015, according to the complaint, when Teva raised prices on nearly 400 formulations of 112 generic drugs. A key element of the scheme, the complaint alleges, was an agreement among competitors to cooperate on pricing so each company could maintain a “fair share” of the generic drug markets. At the same time, the companies colluded to raise prices on as many drugs as possible, according to the complaint.

Though the complaint paints Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, which is based in Pennsylvania, as a leader in the conspiracy, it describes the conduct as “pervasive and industrywide.”

Big Pharma has long been the scourge of American society, but it looks like We The People may still have some hope left to slay this figurate dragon.

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