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Bill and Hill Head Out on The Road, But Trouble Looms as Ticket Prices Collapse

The Clinton’s likely figured that a speaking tour on the eve of a contentious election would be a no-brainer cash-grab. It hasn’t been.

With the 2020 presidential election hovering just over the horizon, we will no doubt be inundated with all manner of commentary on the subject, from all manner of people.

The coming election will likely be particularly vicious, thanks to the enormous field fo 2020 democrats who are set to begin cannibalizing one another in the coming days.  To make matters even more contentious, the emergence of former VP Joe Biden as a thirty point frontrunner will certainly turn the heat up for lesser known candidates looking to make waves.  Their rhetoric is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Then there are the outside-of-the-race politicians who have been weighing in.

And, of course, Hillary Clinton is one them.

The former Secretary of State and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, are again heading out on the road to conduct a speaking tour.  Given the political turbulence in America today, this should be a no-brainer of a cash-grab for the Clintons.

“Should” being the operative word here.

Premium seats that were initially sold for $1,785 apiece were slashed to $829, a steep 54 percent off the suggested pricing, according to the New York Post.

Prices were slashed even more in other seating tiers, and sellers even began to concoct deals through Groupon to try and unload tickets to the Clintons’ event.

Tickets were originally priced between $55.50 and $519, but in some cases, prices were dropped by secondary sellers all the way down to $10 and $20 to fill seats.

Hillary is seen by many leftist democrats as a persona non grata in the party due to her inexcusable rigging of the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders.

The former First Lady’s responses to questions about her possible 2020 candidacy have waffled in 2019, with Clinton ruling it out originally, only to have that assertion walked back by her spokespeople just days later.


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