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Bill Barr Hints at Leaving Dems Out to Dry After Hearing Request

As Barr and Congress continue to squabble, We The People grow impatient.

The showdown very much appears to be “on” in Washington DC this week.

Maybe its the one-two punch of Avengers:  Endgame and an epic episode of Game of Thrones, but it certainly seems as though the political establishment in America is preparing itself for some sort of wholesale catharsis.

The civility is gone, for starters, leading Americans to behave like rabid wolves – especially online where the repercussions of the words you elicit needn’t be experienced by the sayer.  Everyone is on one team or the other, creating the false choice between red and blue, republican or democrat.

Beyond the ugly discourse that we see everyday, however, there is another clash taking place on Capitol Hill, and it has to do with the truth of the Mueller report.

Attorney General Bill Barr will be a no-show at a long-awaited hearing on Thursday before the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee based on current negotiations over his appearance, a source on the committee told Fox News on Sunday.

The emerging spat comes after Barr has endured withering attacks from congressional Democrats, who have outright accused him of sacrificing his integrity to appease President Trump. Barr shepherded the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report in recent weeks, and he has largely become a punching bag for progressives frustrated that Mueller’s probe found no evidence to back up claims that the Trump team colluded with Russians.

Fox News has learned that Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., wants to have Judiciary Committee staff — rather than members of Congress — question Barr on his handling of Mueller’s report. But DOJ officials say members should conduct the inquiry.

This is just the latest spat regarding the Mueller report on Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.

And while it is certainly true that Barr should have every opportunity to defend his handling of the investigation and subsequent findings, the idea that Barr would skip the hearing on account of these concerns could be infuriating for Americans who seek the truth in the RussiaGate matter.

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