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Bill Barr Turns on President Trump, Refers to Him as ‘Deposed King’

Barr may have just sealed his fate.

The Trump administration has played its fair share of musical chairs over the course of these last four years, with the mainstream media often attempting to characterize this variation as a flaw when, in fact, it was simply a feature.

You see, Donald Trump is not a politician, and that was the point of electing him.  His base was invigorated by the drain the swamp mantra and the status-quo-crushing promises he made on the campaign trail.  So, when the NYC businessman got to the Oval Office, his emphasis was on results…and at any cost.

If that meant taking heat for shuffling his inner circle, his cabinet, and the rest of the executive branch around every few weeks, so be it.

Now, with perhaps only a few weeks left to go, Attorney General Bill Barr’s loyalty to President Trump appears to be waning. 

BILL Barr has reportedly dismissed Donald Trump’s attacks as a “deposed king ranting” and bullishly said he is not “intimidated” by the President.

Sources claimed Barr is standing firm after Trump called him a “big disappointment” over failing to reveal the Justice Department investigation into Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Just what kind of shape is their relationship in?

CNN reported sources said the AG “‘cannot be intimidated by Trump” and has dismissed the president’s outbursts as a “deposed king ranting”.

He is said to have branded it “irrelevant to the course of justice and to Trump’s election loss” amid the growing rift between the two men.

“[Barr] is not someone who takes bullying and turns the other cheek,” the source added.

Trump appointed Barr and until very recently the pair were seen as close allies, with the AG previously being accused of working to squash probes against the President.

Barr reportedly will only quit if he believes Trump is about to fire him – and the source added tensions between the two men are currently like a “Cold War”.

The Attorney General raised eyebrows a few weeks ago as well, after announcing that the Department of Justice had not found evidence of any widespread voter fraud, which flew directly in the face of what the President had been saying.


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