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Bill Clinton Pushes Wild New Trump Conspiracy Theory Ahead of November Election

How low will they stoop in order to scare the Democratic base?

The nearer that we get to the nucleus of our political angst, (the November election itself), the hotter these fires are going to burn.

Our nation is already ablaze, with the year 2020 taking the cake as one of the most turbulent and trying times in our nation’s history.  When you supplement this angst with the smothering vitriol of an election year, there is no telling what sort of wild ideas will be squeezed out from the nether regions of our psyche.

One of the most prevalent conspiracy theories as of late purports that incumbent President Donald Trump will simply refuse to leave office, with the radical left suggesting that he is planning to install himself as some sort of American monarch.

Even former President Bill Clinton is getting in on this idea.

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton are increasing their warnings that President Trump will not accept defeat in the fall election and will scheme to keep control of the White House.

In a rare joint interview with American Urban Radio Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan, Hillary Clinton added to her demands that Democrat Joe Biden not concede on election night, and Bill Clinton suggested that Trump will reinforce the White House to keep officials from pulling him out on Inauguration Day.

“Do not concede under any circumstance because I believe the other side is going to cheat and sneak and try everything they possibly can,” said Hillary Clinton in the “#COVID Conversations” interview broadcast via Instagram.

Then came Bill’s belief:

After Ryan joked that Trump’s “orange knuckles” won’t let go of his Oval Office desk, Bill Clinton laughed and added, “He probably won’t even come to Biden’s inauguration. He’ll be stacking sandbags around in the White House.”

While the Clintons are yucking it up, however, some within the modern Democratic Party have taken this possibility seriously, and are using the fear of this “Dictator Donny” conspiracy theory to radicalize young Americans.

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