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Bill Maher Floats Conspiracy Theory That Trump Will Refuse to Leave Office

This isn’t the first time that this cockamamy theory has been floated, either.

We have certainly heard some strange ideas about what is going on in Washington DC as of late, but leave it to Hollywood liberals to take everything up a notch.

With impeachment continue to skid down the tracks toward a swift acquittal in the Senate, Democrats are starting to see the writing on the wall:  Trump will not be removed from office and will almost certainly ride this big win to a landslide victory in 2020.

This prospect has the progressives turning frantic, attempting to attack the President any which way that they can.

The latest absurd notion comes to us from Bill Maher, who this week insisted that Donald Trump wouldn’t be likely to leave office on his own accord.

In speaking about the Kentucky Governor’s race, in which the incumbent is now awaiting a re-canvassing before conceding, Maher went there.

Maher said, “I think we just saw a dry run for what’s going to happen about a year from now. … This is the playbook. This governor in Kentucky has no reason to contest this. He’s just saying, I’m not leaving, make me. And if you think this is going to get better in 2020, do you really think that, if Trump loses, he’s going to — because he’s known for magnanimity, he’s just going to leave a scented letter for Mayor Pete? No. He’s not leaving.”

This idea has been floated before by delusional Democrats who suffer from the barely-fictional affliction known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

There are no indications that Donald Trump would do such a thing.

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