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BOMBSHELL: Blinken and Biden Behind Infamous Hunter ‘Disinfo’ Letter

Caught. Red-handed.

As Americans began to prepare to head for the polls in 2020, the underground and independent media companies were abuzz.  A wild new story had broken, and been verified by these unbiased journalists, but the mainstream media just wasn’t going to touch it.  It would have been too detrimental to Joe Biden’s chances to win the election.

And so the leftist media ignored this story about soon-to-be First Son Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell”, and all of the incriminating evidence that was discovered upon it.  Their official reasoning was some notion that the whole thing was “Russian disinformation” – a claim so eerily similar to the liberal spin surrounding the 2016 election that it was almost laughable.

This week we learned who was behind this now-debunked allegation of Kremlin-involvement, and it leads us right to the Biden campaign and, now, the State Department.

A former CIA official testified that then-Biden campaign senior advisor, now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken “played a role in the inception” of the public statement signed by current and past intelligence officials that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell testified before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, and revealed that Blinken was “the impetus” of the public statement signed in October 2020 that implied the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was disinformation.

It looks as though they’ve been caught red-handed.

The lawmakers said that based on Morell’s testimony, it is “apparent” that the Biden campaign “played an active role in the origins of the public statement, which had the effect of helping to suppress the Hunter Biden story and preventing American citizens from making a fully informed decision during the 2020 presidential election.”

“Although the statement’s signatories have an unquestioned right to free speech and free association—which we do not dispute—their reference to their national security credentials lent weight to the story and suggested access to specialized information unavailable to other Americans,” they wrote.

The news won’t come as much of a shock to the GOP who’ve long maintained that the Russian “disinformation” hoax was little more than Democratic plot to keep Biden in the running against a surging and strong Donald Trump.

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