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Border Patrol: Migrant Influx is ‘More Than a Crisis’

Biden has a veritable problem on his hands, and it doesn’t appear as though any real progress has been made.

If we were to ignore the coronavirus pandemic on the basis that it’s a somewhat natural phenomenon, it appears as though Joe Biden has the first bonafide crisis of his presidency unfolding on the southern border, and there’s no telling just how bad things truly are.

That’s because, for all of Biden’s talk about being transparent and a “President for all Americans”, No. 46 is still engaged in the sort of obfuscation and vagary that American politicians have been perfecting for centuries.  As journalists and other lawmakers have attempted to document the situation on the southern border, the Biden administration has repeatedly denied them access, which, in turn, has many Americans fearing for the worst.

And, based on what some folks familiar with the situation are saying, those fears may very well be warranted.

Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera, in his role as vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, finds the situation concerning.

“This is more than a crisis; we need more boots on the ground in this area,” Cabrera told Breitbart. “We still have aliens running from us and not enough agents to chase them.”

“We don’t know who those people are and what threat they may pose unless we can apprehend them,” the veteran border agent explained. “That’s getting harder every day”.

And worse…

There simply are not enough Border Patrol agents to respond to the surge of crossings, process, and provide care for those currently in custody. The Border Patrol is struggling to even provide transportation from the river to processing centers as the numbers continue to grow.

Border Patrol Agent Cabrera is concerned that the situation could prove deadly as the summer months approach. “The dangers out here are deceiving,” he said. “A person can become dehydrated in this heat in a very short amount of time.”

Biden has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to oversee the border crisis, but there has yet to be any specific policy positions laid out as to how the administration will deal with this humanitarian nightmare.


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