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Braves Lose Tomahawk to PC Police, Then Media Says They Were ‘Scalped’

Maybe the media should get their own house in order before commenting on baseball’s affairs. 

There are already plenty of ways that you can find yourself offended here in America, and you yourself are solely responsible for putting yourself in situations where you know you’ll take offense.

Think of it like this:  Let’s say that you already know that you feel offended by certain songs; maybe those that refer to women as “hoes”, or worse.  You likely wouldn’t find yourself at a Snoop Dogg concert, would you?

The same applies to those who find violent movies distasteful.  You don’t find them lining up at the midnight screenings of the latest Rob Zombie film.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy when it comes to sports, which are held in a bit of a less subjective regard when it comes to wholesomeness.  We teach our children the tenets of teamwork and sportsmanship through these avenues, after all, and that has brought the social justice warriors out in full force.

The latest win for the Political Correctness Police comes from Atlanta, GA, where the beloved Braves and their fans went without the customary foam tomahawk that has been an intrinsic piece to their staple cheer.

The Atlanta Braves did not pass out foam tomahawks to fans for Game 5 of the National League Division series against the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday evening after one player called them “disrespectful.”

The Braves gave out the tomahawks during Game 1 and 2 of the series at SunTrust Park. Ahead of Game 2, Cardinals pitcher Ryan Helsley, 25, spoke out against the tomahawks, claiming they were “disrespectful” and possessed a “kind of caveman-type” imagery.

The Braves would go on to lose the must-win game in extraordinary fashion, giving up ten runs in the first inning.

Then, this happened:

Maybe the media should get their own house in order before commenting on baseball’s affairs.

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