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CA Suggests FDA is Compromised, Will Not Accept COVID Vaccine at Face Value

Is this good science or ‘resistance’ schtick?

There are plenty of progressive politicians out there in the wilds of the American governmental landscape who will go to great lengths to pledge their allegiance to “the resistance” – the barely fictional band of rebellious anti-Trump scoundrels who appear to be modeled after archetypal movie tropes of a Spielberg-ian nature.

Let’s just call it what it is:  “The resistance” is just a Democratic attempt to manufacture a sense of higher purpose for their base, and they’ve made it incredibly easy to join up.  All you need to do is take an action, any action, that somehow  demeans President Donald Trump.

Often, these sleights against Trump are petty and nearly benign.  At other times, however, these actions have very real consequences for the American people.

Such is the case in California this week.

During a press conference on Monday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced the creation of a Scientific Safety Review Workgroup that will review vaccines that are approved by the FDA.

Newsom said, “California, today, is launching now, more formally, a Scientific Safety Review, a workgroup of 11 individuals, experts in their field. These are top health experts that will independently review any FDA-approved vaccines. The question I often get is, are you going to take someone’s word for it, as it relates to vaccines? Of course, we don’t take anyone’s word for it. We will do our own, independently-reviewed process, with our world-class experts that just happen to live here in the state of California.”

While the maneuver was certainly dressed up to appear as though it’s a public safety choice, what Newsom has effectively singled to the nation that he does not believe that the FDA is operating independently from President Trump, and that the administration could be looking to use a potentially life-saving vaccine as a political prop.


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