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Carville Quotes Tyson to Sum Up Don vs. Ron Heavyweight Match-Up

He’s not wrong, believe it or not.

Americans know what’s coming down the road for 2024, particularly over on the right side of the aisle, and our pithy pundits continue to add the proverbial powder to the keg.

And they don’t do it for the sake of anything in particular, and certainly not for any noble cause.  No, it’s all about ratings and revenue and remaining relative.   The simplest shortcut to success is to choose either Team R or Team D and then vehemently despise anything that the other team even remotely likes.

Normally, those abbreviations stand for Team Republican and Team Democrat.  But, as most of us seem to have figured out already, we’ll first need to make a decision about Team Ron and Team Don.

But sometimes we escape the bubble of bipartisanship, often when something is just so obvious that it cannot be denied…like how Donald Trump appears to be handily ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the polls.

Even the left-leaning Ragin’ Cajun James Carville can’t deny that things are going ostensibly well for Trump, and he appeared rather complimentary about the former President’s strategy thus far during a recent appearance on MSNBC.

On Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s The Beat, Carville quoted former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to explain DeSantis’s situation:

“DeSantis proves the wisdom of Mike Tyson. Everybody’s got a plan until you hit him in the mouth. That guy, he doesn’t know whether to wind his rear or scratch his watch. And he tried to play in the league that he can’t play in, and that’s pretty evident. I mean, he’s a confused guy and, you know, Trump hit him in the mouth and he lost his plan. He just went totally off-key. So, my hat’s off to Iron Mike.”

The moment had an anchor visibly shook.

Host Ari Melber responded by understating his guest’s response.

“It sounds like you’re not impressed that DeSantis is really up there the way he’s been built up and we haven’t seen him in national settings and long-form interviews and debates,” he said.

Carville has also been rather critical of the radical left of late, often lamenting about the party’s sudden thirst for “wokeness”.

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