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CEO of ATL-Based Coca Cola Torches Georgia Governor Over Voter Law

This isn’t the first of Georgia’s major corporations to lash out, either.

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia is not a very popular man at the moment, having drawn the ire of the Democrats, (and then some), by signing into law several new regulations regarding voting in the Peach State.

The left erupted first, followed by a fair number of centrists who tried to make this point:  If you can’t win elections when everyone votes, then maybe your campaign doesn’t deserve to win.

Soon followed the corporate-elite class; this blossoming oligarchy that we all keep pretending isn’t about to bloom under our nose here in America.

Yes, these billionaire barons began chiming in, and they don’t like it either.

This includes James Quincy, CEO of the Atlanta-based economical leviathan known as Coca Cola.  He made that very clear during an appearance on CNBC on Wednesday.

Quincey said, “Let me get crystal clear and unequivocal this legislation is unacceptable. It is a step backward. It does not promote principles we have stood for in Georgia around broad access to voting, around voter convenience, about ensuring election integrity. This is frankly just a step backward. We have spent many decades promoting within Georgia a better society and better environment for business, and this is a step backward. Our position remains the same. This legislation is wrong and needs to be remedied. We’ll continue to advocate in both private and even more clearly in public.”

And then…

He added, “We believe that’s acceptable for the citizens of Georgia and we are coming out more clearly saying that this is wrong and needs to change. The reality is many things are improved and done and achieved in private without having to take a public stand. In this case, it’s not worked clearly, and so we’re being more forceful in our public position, even more than we were earlier this week, and will continue to advocate for change in Georgia.”

Delta Airlines’ CEO also lambasted the legislation, similarly characterizing the bill as “unacceptable”.

Kemp has defended the legislation vehemently over the course of the last 24 hours.

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