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China Discovers Case of Bubonic Plague in Inner Mongolia

Given how poorly China handled the COVID-19 pandemic, there are rightful concerns over the transparency at play here.

As if COVID-19 weren’t enough, it appears as though China is now dealing with at least one case of the black death.

In the late stages of 2019, authorities in Beijing began to finally admit that they were dealing with a bit of an emergency.  A novel strain of coronavirus had apparently jumped from bats to humans at a wet market in Wuhan, although there were rumors that the strain may have escaped from a virology lab only three miles away.

In either case, the extremely contagious illness began to spread and, like with almost any news that paints China in a poor light, the authorities in Beijing looked to sweep the entire situation under the rug.

Their reluctance to admit the reality of the situation then caused a global pandemic.

Now, just over half a year later, there is some disturbing news coming out of China’s medical community once again.

While China appears to have reduced coronavirus cases to near zero, other infectious threats remain, with local health authorities announcing a suspected bubonic plague case in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Authorities in the Bayannur district raised the plague warning on Sunday, ordered residents not to hunt wild animals such as marmots and to send for treatment anyone with fever or showing other possible signs of infection.

Plague can be fatal in up to 90 percent of people infected if not treated, primarily with several types of antibiotics.

Pneumonic plague can develop from bubonic plague and results in a severe lung infection causing shortness of breath, headache and coughing.

The bubonic plague was also known as “the black death” during the middle ages, when it claimed the lives of up to 200 million people.

Luckily, today’s plague outbreak are often effectively treated with routine antibiotics.  The real threat in this new case is whether or not China is telling us the truth about the severity of the situation.

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