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China Instructs Americans to Stop Questioning Beijing’s Coronavirus Response

This is the sort of petulant and childish response that will only bolster calls for Chinese reparations.

China has once again found itself receiving criticism over it’s response to the coronavirus pandemic…or perhaps it’s the response to their response that has them irked today.

In either case, Beijing’s latest request will have some Americans seeing red.

The official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the People’s Daily, disparaged on Sunday the growing number of lawsuits against China for its mishandling of what became the Chinese coronavirus pandemic as a “political farce” and a “shame for human civilization.”

The People’s Daily focused on lawsuits in the United States, specifically those that legal authorities have filed in states like Missouri and Mississippi, despite the fact that multiple nations – including Nigeria, Egypt, and Italy – are entertaining similar legal action against the Chinese communist regime for failing to properly address the outbreak when it began in Wuhan, a city of 11 million in the heart of the country. The state lawsuits may soon be aided by Congressional legislation carving out an exception to China’s sovereign immunity in U.S. courts.

In short, China is furious over the idea that they could be held accountable for their obvious errors in regard to COVID-19, which is the diplomatic equivalent of saying “we’re not in trouble because we said so”.

Chinese officials initially reacted to reports of a contagious disease spreading in Wuhan by arresting doctors sharing safety tips online. When it alerted the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) to the discovery of a new virus, Beijing falsely claimed it did not spread from person to person, a claim the W.H.O. shared with the world. China also pressured countries not to impose travel restrictions on its citizens to prevent the spread of the virus, though it now claims that only “imported” cases are a threat and strictly curtails entry into the country.

One study found that China properly abiding by international public health law could have prevented as many as 95 percent of its documented coronavirus cases.

The People’s Daily nonetheless railed against legal attempts to hold the country accountable, calling them a “political farce” and an affront on longstanding principles of sovereign immunity.

American lawmakers have been postulating about the possibility of holding Beijing accountable regarding the outbreak, particularly on account of the farcical data that they shared with an unsuspecting world.

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