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China Punishes American Company for Speaking Out on Human Rights

China’s retaliation may very well be their most damning admission of guilt yet.

Perhaps the logic just doesn’t translate very well, but if you’re someone who has to retaliate against someone else for exposing your wrongdoings, you’re never going to win the war of public perception.

Just ask Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor who, instead of apologizing and resigning after sex women have accused him of sexual assault, has gone on the offensive, attacking not only his accusers but those who have called for his ouster.

As a result, Cuomo has given the entire world the impression that he’s guilty, for no other reason than the ferocity of his retaliation.

China, who has long been known as one of the world’s most blatant and despicable human rights abusers, is taking a play out of Cuomo’s book this week, lashing out against an American clothing retailer who dared to speak the truth.

Chinese state TV called Thursday for a boycott of H&M as Beijing lashed out at foreign clothing and footwear brands following Western sanctions on Chinese officials accused of human rights abuses in the Xinjiang region.

The ruling Communist Party criticized H&M for saying in March 2020 it would stop buying cotton from the northwestern Chinese region. The Swedish retailer joined other brands in expressing concern about reports of forced labor there.

The party newspaper Global Times also criticized statements by Burberry, Adidas, Nike, New Balance and Zara about Xinjiang as early as two years ago.

“For enterprises that touch the bottom line of our country, the response is very clear: don’t buy!” China Central Television said on its social media account. It said the H and M in the Swedish name stood for Chinese words meaning lie and falsehood.

China is facing renewed sanctions this week as substantial evidence of their ethnic cleansing of Uyghur Muslims continues to make waves around the civilized world.

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