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Chinese 5G Tech Set to Invade Europe…What Does That Mean for US Troops Stationed Abroad?

This isn’t the first time that 5G technology has been considered dangerous, either.

Technology, in many ways, is running amok.

The evolution of technology these days seemed exponential.  Thanks to the internet making the world seemingly tiny, scientists the world over can share information at the click of a mouse, furthering our technological endeavors at speeds our forefathers couldn’t possibly have imagined.

It took us over one hundred years to go from the Ford Model A to the Tesla Roadster, but it’s only taken us about three decades to go from push button landline phones to touchscreen pocket computers that can also make phone calls.

And it is within this realm of cellular technology where concerns over the safety of American troops stationed in Europe comes in to play.

Numerous current Pentagon officials have also warned that equipment from Chinese companies like Huawei could expose American forces to cyber-espionage if they use European 5G networks.

“Chinese-designed 5G networks will provide near-persistent data transfer back to China that the Chinese government could capture at will,” said the statement signed by former commanders of the U.S. European, Southern, and Pacific Commands, plus former U.S. Cyber Command chief Gen. Keith B. Alexander and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

And this isn’t the first time that this issue has been raised in terms of national security.

Current officials of the Trump administration are delivering this very same warning to partner nations with increasing urgency. One of the most dramatic moments came in March when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo bluntly warned Israel that U.S. cooperation with Israeli intelligence could be curtailed if Israel becomes dependent upon Chinese technology.

The news comes just days after a purported Chinese spy was arrested attempting to visit President Trump’s beach resort Mar-a-Lago, carrying with her several high tech devices designed to infiltrate the computer systems onsite.


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