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Chinese Military Using Gene-Editing Tech to Enhance Military says DNI Ratcliffe

Coming soon to a battlefield near you: Communist super soldiers.

While we may not yet have flying cars, and we’re not eating all of our meals in Jetsons-style pellet form, the modern world is beginning to look a lot like the fantastical visions of the future from years ago.

We have robotic vacuums and lawnmowers that just do these jobs for us.  We carry a video screen in our pocket that contains access to all of the public knowledge in the known universe, and also doubles as a video-chatting machine.  Heck, we even have cars that drive themselves.

But, as with any futuristic predications about the state of technology, there are some scary bits too; like the fact that the Chinese military is using genetic engineering to enhance their military might.

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Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe explained.

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Ratcliffe told Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that if the Asian superpower becomes the dominant force in the world, which it is attempting to do with its genetic testing, then “individual liberties, freedoms” and “free enterprise are all stake.”

“It’s altering DNA, and it’s one of the things our intelligence shows that China is doing. … The People’s Republic of China has 2 million strong in its military, and it’s trying to make them stronger through, you know, gene editing,” Ratcliffe advised. “That’s just one of the ways that, you know, China is trying to essentially dominate the planet and set the rules in the world order. And why it’s so important and people need to understand is this is an authoritarian regime. It doesn’t care about people’s individual rights. We’ve seen what they’ve done to the Uighurs; we’ve seen what they’ve done in Hong Kong. It’s about putting the state first, and that is the exact opposite of what has always made America great. Individual liberties, freedoms, free enterprise those things are all at stake if China dominates.”

China has acting exponentially more aggressively in the recent years, not only threatening Hong Kong and Taiwan, but purposefully misleading the rest of the world on the severity of COVID-19, presumably in order to weaken the world around them.

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