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Chinese Virologist Escapes Hong Kong, Accuses Beijing of COVID-19 Coverup

The information is damning, to say the least.

When COVID-19 burst onto the global scene late last year, Wuhan, China was the focus of the world’s attention.

China told us that that virus has jumped from bats to human beings at a wet market in the Chinese city, and that they were working to keep the outbreak under control.  As soon as scientists and medical experts outside of China got a good look at this novel strain of coronavirus, however, the jig was up.

Beijing had severely, and possibly purposefully, downplayed the severity of their situation and the dangerous nature of this highly contagious illness.  Europe’s devastation, particularly in Italy and Spain, belied that China lied and people died.

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Soon, American lawmakers were even going so far as to suggest that China be made to pay reparations to the rest of the planet on account of their reviled reluctance to share the truth.

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This week, a Chinese virologist who fled the communist regime is adding her insight to the conversation about the country’s controversial response to COVID-19, and confirming some of our worst fears.

Hong Kong scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan was stepping into uncharted territory.

Hours before she boarded an April 28 Cathay Pacific flight to the United States, the respected doctor who specialized in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health had plotted her escape, packing her bag and sneaking past the censors and video cameras on campus.

She had her passport and her purse and was about to leave all of her loved ones behind. If she was caught, she knew she could be thrown in jail — or, worse, rendered one of the “disappeared.”

Yan told Fox News in an exclusive interview that she believes the Chinese government knew about the novel coronavirus well before it claimed it did. She says her supervisors, renowned as some of the top experts in the field, also ignored research she was doing at the onset of the pandemic that she believes could have saved lives.

Yan is dead serious when she speaks on the subject.

“The reason I came to the U.S. is because I deliver the message of the truth of COVID,” she told Fox News from an undisclosed location.

She added that if she tried to tell her story in China, she “will be disappeared and killed.”

And, even worse than the suspects Chinese coverup is the fact that the World Health Organization seems to have been involved as well.

She also claims the co-director of a WHO-affiliated lab, Professor Malik Peiris, knew but didn’t do anything about it.

Peiris also did not respond to requests for comment. The WHO website lists Peiris as an “adviser” on the WHO International Health Regulations Emergency Committee for Pneumonia due to the Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

Yan was frustrated, but not surprised.

“I already know that would happen because I know the corruption among this kind of international organization like the WHO to China government, and to China Communist Party,” she said. “So basically… I accept it but I don’t want this misleading information to spread to the world.”

US President Donald Trump has begun the process of cutting US ties with WHO, likely spurred on by this coverup collusion.

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