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Chuck Schumer Compares Iran’s Election Meddling to Trump Talking Points

Don’t let any crisis go to waste, right Chuck?

There seems to be no limit to the sort of rhetoric that American politicians will resort to in order to win elections and keep their cushy, taxpayer-funded jobs.  In 2020 – a year and an election both mired in mayhem – this hyperbole has been turned up to 11.

Just yesterday it was revealed that a number of threatening emails received by voters in Florida and Alaska, claiming to be from the Proud Boys hate group, were actually written and sent by Iranians, who were hoping to sow dissent and dismay among Americans.  The emails claimed that the sender had access to voter information and that, if the recipients didn’t vote for Donald Trump, there would be dire consequences.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appeared on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program to discuss the emails, and he made the bold claim that these Iranian intimidation efforts were no different than the narrative being employed by President Trump.

Schumer said, “I did receive a classified briefing this afternoon on this, and so I can’t discuss the details, but I can tell you one thing: It was clear to me that the intent of Iran in this case, and Russia in many more cases, is to sow — to basically undermine confidence in our elections. This was — this action I do not believe was aimed — from my surmise, was aimed at discrediting President Trump. I heard that the DNI said that. It was, rather done to undermine confidence in our elections, aimed at Democrats, Republicans, independents, that people — what Iran and Russia — and by the way, Russia is far worse of a culprit than Iran on these things and should be focused on — but what they try to do, what they’re trying to do here is — and as your previous guest said, similar, in a different way of course, than what President Trump is doing, undermine confidence in our elections.”

Authorities in the United States have urged voters to not be swayed by the fake Proud Boys emails, and have stated that there is no reason to doubt that your vote will be counted accurately.

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