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Church Members Tell Health Officials They ‘Work for Satan’ During Contact Tracing Attempt

If this were a telemarketer, we’d understand that sentiment.

These are unprecedented and undoubtedly strange times here in the United States, what with a pandemic and all, and there are plenty of us who are more than a little “on edge” as of late.

We’ve spent well over 6 months roiling away under this vague and ever-changing threat, experiencing stress not only from COVID-19’s constantly shifting focus, but over the economic impact that these prolonged, precautionary lockdowns have had.

Of course, if Congress would just get their act together, this latter stress could be eliminated, but it’ll be a cold day in Hades before we expect anyone working under the dome of the Capitol to think about their constituents first.

In short, Americans are fraught and frazzled, as we watch an avalanche of bad news come crashing down around us, thanks in large part to the effect that this worldwide health nightmare has had.

This stress was plain to see in Michigan this week, where reports of an uncooperative church group were spreading.

Who was there, how long they stayed, and who is most at-risk — it’s all unknown for health officials investigating a COVID-19 case linked to a four-day men’s retreat at a church in the eastern Upper Peninsula.

Health officials worry that many of the 50 or more men who attended the gathering are older, and may have health conditions that come with age, which makes them more vulnerable to serious illness from the coronavirus.

The biggest obstacle: Nobody in the group will cooperate with public health workers. Health departments covering five U.P. counties have been unable to learn the names of the men, or who they may have come in contact with since the retreat ended last Sunday, the officials told Bridge Michigan.

And just how uncooperative were members of the group?

The event’s leader hung up on a contact tracer who called him. Another person who was called this week accused the health official of “working for Satan” because of her job in public health.

If this were a telemarketer calling, the sentiment may have been earned, but to accuse a public health worker of such a thing is hopefully just the COVID stress talking.

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