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CIA Releases Stunning Report on Origins of ‘Havana Syndrome’

The results of the study were dumbfounding.

Over the course of the last several years, American diplomats all over the world have been reporting a strange, overwhelming illness with disturbing symptoms ranging from unfathomable headaches to nausea and vertigo.

Labeled “Havana Syndrome” on account of the first few cases being reported by US officials in the Cuba capital, similar reports have been steadily streaming in from around the world.  One incident was even reported on the grounds of the White House, leading many to wonder if the phenomenon was being manifested by a foreign adversary using some sort of energy or frequency weapon.

Now, after years of research, the US intelligence community has released a stark report on the subject, and it has left many Americans scratching their heads.

The mysterious ailment known as “Havana syndrome” did not result from the actions of a foreign adversary, according to an intelligence report that shatters a long-disputed theory that hundreds of U.S. personnel were targeted and sickened by a clandestine enemy wielding energy waves as a weapon.

The new intelligence assessment caps a years-long effort by the CIA and several other U.S. intelligence agencies to explain why career diplomats, intelligence officers and others serving in U.S. missions around the world experienced what they described as strange and painful acoustic sensations. The effects of this mysterious trauma shortened careers, racked up large medical bills and in some cases caused severe physical and emotional suffering.

The results of the investigation appeared to be rather concise.

Five of those agencies determined it was “very unlikely” that a foreign adversary was responsible for the symptoms, either as the result of purposeful actions — such as a directed energy weapon — or as the byproduct of some other activity, including electronic surveillance that unintentionally could have made people sick, the officials said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the findings of the assessment, which had not yet been made public.

One agency, which the officials did not name, determined that it was “unlikely” that a foreign actor was at fault, a slightly less emphatic finding that did not appreciably change the consensus. One agency abstained in its conclusion regarding a foreign actor. But when asked, no agency dissented from the conclusion that a foreign actor did not cause the symptoms, one of the intelligence officials said.

Officials involved in the probe suggested that the phenomenon persisted even in cases where US authorities had total control of their environment, which makes the mystery all the more bizarre.

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