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Climate Activists Hijack the Holidays with ‘Starving Reindeer’ Storyline

Are the nightmares of American children a fair tradeoff for pushing the climate change agenda?

With the debate still raging regarding what exactly climate change is, what is causing it, and how best to counteract it, there are no shortage of PR campaigns out there aimed as swaying the undecided and the impressionable.

Many of these marketing campaigns are aimed directly at our nation’s youth and, given their impressionable nature, they seem to be working fairly well.  Time Magazine’s recent anointing of Greta Thunberg as person of the year is just one such example of this concerted effort to capture the imagination of future generations.

This latest climate alarmism, however, is just fear mongering in disguise.

…the Guardian says that a freeze-thaw weather pattern it blames on climate change is endangering the hardy caribou, by limiting access to lichen for grazing.

The Guardian also reported that the death of 200 reindeer earlier this year in the Arctic archipelago Svalbard was caused by climate change, according to the Norwegian Polar Institute, which cited starvation.

“Climate change is making it rain much more. The rain falls on the snow and forms a layer of ice on the tundra, making grazing conditions very poor for animals,” Ashild Onvik Pederson, who led an annual census of the reindeer population on the islands, said in the Guardian report.

The article, however, also said a large number of reindeer deaths were recorded in 2007-2008, but not in subsequent years leading up to latest census.

Moreover, the article also reports that a part of the problem is that the reindeer population has exploded despite weather patterns:

The increased mortality is also due in part to a significant increase in the number of reindeer in the Norwegian archipelago. That is partly thanks to climate crisis and the warmer summers, meaning more individuals compete in the same grazing areas.

Since the 1980s, the number of reindeer has doubled in Svalbard, and now stands at about 22,000, according to the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Are the nightmares of American children a fair tradeoff for pushing the climate change agenda?

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