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CNN Anchor Goes Low, Gets Caught Fat-Shaming President Trump On-Air

The next time a Democrats tries to insinuate that they are the pillars of political tact, feel free to have yourself a good, hearty chuckle at their expense. 

Michelle Obama famously said “when they go low, we go high”, in response to what the Democrats perceived as ugly and unwarranted attacks by their conservative colleagues.

And, in a moment made for Maury, the ensuing several years proved that was a lie, as the Democrats rattled off a number of incredibly offensive insinuations about President Trump, the First Family, the White House staff…you name it.

The latest nasty narrative to arrive here in the United States is being piped into our homes via the mainstream media, and relies on the wit and class of a petulant fourth grader. 

Tuesday on CNN, host Anderson Cooper criticized President Donald Trump for his messaging on masks and his tweets about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

Cooper said, “Leadership today also apparently consists of spreading vile conspiracy theories on Twitter about a former staffer for then-Congressman Joe Scarborough and doing it over and over again. Traumatizing her family and her husband so deeply that he begged the company to take down the president’s tweets because they’re not true about his wife.”

After playing a clip of Trump defending his Tweets at a press conference earlier, Cooper said, “What a little man. He’s just a little man. He’s the leader of the free world, and he is a little, little man. A self-proclaimed wartime leader — a leader in the midst, he says, of a transition to greatness for the country, spreading falsehoods about a dead woman, despite the pain and the pleas of her husband and family and doesn’t have the guts to say he doesn’t care about what they think. No, no, he doesn’t have the guts to say, ‘You know what, I don’t care what they think because this serves my political purposes.’ That’s why he’s doing it. He doesn’t have the guts to say that because he is just a little man despite his girth and size. He’s a little man inside, and he knows that. That, too, is now what leadership looks like. The president of the United States raising conspiracy theories about a dead woman, though her family is begging Twitter to take them down.”

So, the next time a Democrats tries to insinuate that they are the pillars of political tact, feel free to have yourself a good, hearty chuckle at their expense.

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