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CNN Anchor Insists Trump is Simply Lying About Election Fraud Claims

This isn’t the first time that this anchor and Trump haven’t seen eye-to-eye either.

The mainstream media, particularly those who cater to the left side of the aisle, have been on the defensive as of late, attempting to correct or factually massage some of the claims that are coming out of the White House in regard to the 2020 election.  They aren’t reporting on new or breaking stories all that often, instead choosing to dissect every syllable and capitalization that the President expresses on Twitter and beyond.

Donald Trump has claimed that the election was “rigged”, and that massive “voter fraud” has taken place around the country.  He’s dispatched Rudy Giuliani, (and some more capable lawyers as well), to take a look at the election results up close, hoping to prove that he’s right about how things went so wrong.

The process will be a long one, and these investigations are going to take some time.  That’s something that Chris Cuomo and other media figures don’t seem to understand, and they’ve preemptively labeled the President a “liar” before we’ve reached a final conclusion.

From a recent discussion on Cuomo Primetime.

Panelist David Gregory said, “There were not widespread irregularities. We should be celebrating the fact that there was not outside interference, that this went off so well in a pandemic. There are always things to look at in terms of irregularities in an election, but there was nothing widespread. This is not on a level. There are trial lawyers who are hacks and there are good ones. You know how I know the difference? In this case the good lawyers are getting out of this litigation. They don’t want to be any part of it. It’s Rudy Giuliani and others who are involved and they’re not getting anywhere. You saw that play out tonight in Michigan.”

Cuomo said, “You know what, you’re right, and therefore I amend my previous statement. When I said the USA does not stand proud, it stands divided, which is true, but it is impressive, Anthony, that the system has withstood a president lying his ass off about things that went wrong with no proof. You know, that’s a big hammer that he swings. And he’s got an entire half of the political system saying nothing no matter how far afield his claims. That’s a lot to withstand, but so far the courts have stood to be blind to anything but law and fact.”

Cuomo’s pre-judgement of the outcome of these investigations isn’t unexpected, of course, as it helps him to create adversity on his television program.  Adversity makes for great entertainment, which, in turn, makes for prime real estate for advertisers to purchase in between pundit-driven rants.

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