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CNN Anchor Makes Mockery of Hunter Laptop Story During Debate

Jake Tapper has already decided that the Hunter Biden laptop story is a conspiracy theory…somehow.

The mainstream media, along with several social media companies, had been working hard to ignore a strange story that came out of the New York Post last week, and now it appears as though they’re ready to move from simple ignorance to active discrediting of the entire thing.

The story in question was the infamous “Hunter Biden laptop” story, and it certainly isn’t the most well-founded tale out there.  In fact, the New York Post only ran the story after Fox News declined to deal with Rudy Giuliani’s demands regarding how and when the information was released.

But the story isn’t entirely false.  At least one of the emails released from the device has been authenticated by a former Biden acquaintance.

CNN’s Jake Tapper, however, has already decided that the story is fit for chiding as some sort of “conspiracy theory”.

Speaking after Thursday night’s debate:

Tapper said, “The other thing is people on his team, and you were saying this earlier, Dana, people on his team wanted him to talk about the economy tonight. They wanted him to talk about how he’s going to be able to bring the economy back to normal after he deals with COVID, even though he’s not really dealing with COVID. That’s a separate issue. You know, this is an area where polls indicate he’s still competitive with Biden if not ahead.”

He added, “He didn’t do it. He was off in Breitbart land talking about laptops. Americans who are worried about food on the table or their kids not getting a good education, or when is this virus going to be over. They didn’t get an answer from him.”

CNN’s presumption about the laptop may someday be proven true, but that day has not yet arrived, making Jake Tapper just as frivolously out of line as he’s alleging of the President.

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