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CNN Criticized After Cuomo Brothers Interview Fails to Address Nursing Home Controversy

We live in a  strange time when a host on The View has to explain to CNN anchors how to do their job.

CNN likes to portray themselves as the “worldwide leader in news”, who’ve strived to operate under a “fact first” mantra – particularly over the course of the last few years.  The only problem is that, while they do occasionally do some reporting, they’ve largely transformed into a ridiculous caricature of themselves.

For instance, this week saw The Brothers Cuomo, (NY Governor Andrew and CNN host Chris), blathering on about some lighthearted nonsense and completely ignoring a massive and heartbreaking scandal that recently played out under the Empire State official’s watch.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo sparked Twitter outrage on Wednesday night when he again did not address New York’s growing nursing-home controversy in his latest interview with his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and instead performed prop comedy with giant cotton swabs.

Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, recently reversed a widely criticized March 25 order that forced nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive for coronavirus. Cuomo signed an executive order on May 11 that stopped hospitals from sending infected patients back to nursing homes and ramped up testing for staff.

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., has been the leading voice calling for an investigation into the Democratic governor’s original March directive. “Today I joined my [New York GOP] colleagues in the House to call for a federal investigation of Cuomo’s failed nursing home policies,” Stefanik tweeted Friday. “NOW they admit they unethically changed the way they report nursing home deaths. An INEXCUSABLE tragedy for NY — NEED ANSWERS.”

But you would never know it if you watched “CNN Prime Time,” where Chris Cuomo spent 25 minutes chatting up his older brother, who he calls the “Love Gov” on-air, and never asked about the controversy. Instead, the CNN anchor played a clip of his brother taking a coronavirus test where a nurse placed a cotton swab up his nostril and joked about the size of his sibling’s nose, complete with props.

COVID-19 is particularly dangerous for elderly and immunocompromised individuals, and Governor Cuomo’s orders undoubtedly put a number of at-risk Americans directly in harm’s way.

Of those who called out the shenanigans, perhaps no one made as stark a point as Meghan McCain.

We live in a  strange time when a host on The View has to explain to CNN anchors how to do their job.

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