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CNN Ridiculed Over Column Suggesting Trump Will Refuse to Leave Office

As with any political situation we find ourselves in, it is only human nature to examine the “worst case scenarios”…we can’t help it.

This slightly morbid outlook is a defense mechanism, more than it is anything else.  We want to prepare ourselves for reaching rock bottom so that we temper our expectations of greatness.  Perhaps this is some strange offshoot of human humility, or simply the awareness of our sentience hacking into the flight or fight response.  In either case, we as human beings are often fully aware of where our red line in the sand is at all times.

In American politics, particularly at the presidential level, this red line comes to us in the form of term limits.  For a President, it’ll be two terms, four years each, and that’s it; this is irrefutable and non-negotiable, and anyone who says differently should be corrected swiftly and sternly.

Similarly, we hold our election results sacred, and we have always executed a peaceful transition of power from one President to the next.

That hasn’t stopped some of the less neutral personalities in politics from creating a little fiction of their own, however, calling into question whether or not President Donald Trump would do his patriotic duty and step down when his time comes.

This irresponsible fear-mongering has one CNN columnist coming under fire this week.

CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza was ridiculed Monday after tweeting a link to a fictional column he wrote about what would happen if President Trump “refuses to admit” he loses in 2020.

“Imagine this: Trump narrowly loses — by 20-ish electoral votes — in 2020. He refuses to concede, insists there has been widespread election fraud and notes that Democrats (and the media) have been trying to steal from him since he was elected in 2016,” Cillizza wrote with a link to a piece published on CNN’s website headlined, “What happens if Donald Trump refuses to admit he lost in 2020?”

Cillizza drew from hypothetical comments made recently by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which the long-serving California democrat made similarly antagonizing predictions.

Social media users were quick to mock Cillizza’s unwarranted alarmism, with some drawing comparisons to 2018 midterm races still being contested by democrats.

And then came the clincher:

The hysteria rampant in today’s politics is astounding, and Cillizza’s column does little to dissuade democrats from continuing to float these offensive hypotheticals.

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