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CNN stokes radical racial divide with airtime for white supremacist

As of this writing, CNN has yet to apologize for their insensitive and inexcusable actions.

The only thing worse than a bigot is the person exploiting their hate for cold hard cash.  Unfortunately, the mainstream media seems to be full of both characters as of late.

In an effort to paint the President has some sort of racist, the liberal leftists of the media have been running non-stop stories attempting to portray America as as rising cesspool of pure and unadulterated hate.  They want you to believe that the world out there is now suddenly filled to the brim with KKK members, white nationalists, and neo-nazis.

Sure, these groups do exist, and what they engage in is reprehensible, but they are not constantly parading down city streets or knocking on doors.

Furthermore, Donald Trump isn’t emboldening them.  He isn’t giving them exposure, nor is he egging them on.

That’s CNN’s job, apparently.

White supremacist Richard Spencer appeared on CNN on Tuesday to discuss President Donald Trump’s racist tweets, prompting widespread criticism that the network had given a platform to a “horrendous racist.”

“Many white nationalists will eat up this red meat that Donald Trump is throwing out there. I am not one of them,” Spencer told CNN. “I recognize the con game that is going on.”

He later added, “He gives us nothing outside of racist tweets. And by racist tweets, I mean tweets that are meaningless and cheap and express the kind of sentiments you might hear from your drunk uncle while he’s watching [Sean] Hannity.”

CNN’s coddling of Spencer is abhorrent, and must be recognized for what it is:  The weaponization of hate speech for the purpose of making money.

The backlash was swift:

The Hill columnist Joe Concha wrote, “Providing Richard Spencer ample national airtime is a travesty and is rightly receiving the universal condemnation it deserves.”

Eddie Zipperer of the Daily Caller tweeted, “Meanwhile, @CNN was allowing Richard Spencer to dress up in his pundit outfit and use their airwaves to share his crappy opinions. Pretty ironic that on a day they’re fully devoting to calling Trump racist, they themselves give a platform to a horrendous racist.”

He later added, “Honestly, the fact that CNN chose to air his opinions is a million times more newsworthy than what Richard Spencer thinks about any subject ever.”

As of this writing, CNN has yet to apologize for their insensitive and inexcusable actions.

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