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CNN Suggests That Obamas Could Make Move to Stop Bernie

The Sanders faithful are turning ever more paranoid by the minute.

How badly do the Democrats want to push Bernie Sanders away from the 2020 nomination?  CNN may have very well provided us the answer.

The Vermont Senator has long espoused a deep belief in the ideologies of democratic socialism – a political ethos that doesn’t yet have widespread popularity here in the United States, save for the millennial generation and younger, far-left demographics.

This means that, thanks to incumbent President Donald Trump’s inherent aura of capitalism incarnate, Sanders will likely find himself getting chewed up and spit out in the general election.  The Democratic Party has been trying to prevent this from happening by working against Sanders, sometimes in overtly biased ways.

Now, the left-leaning news organization CNN is going so far as to publish suggestions for the best ways to beat Bernie.

From a recent op-ed:

“If no one drops out by Super Tuesday, is it even possible to stop Bernie Sanders?” NBC’s Chuck Todd asked former Obama White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer on Sunday. “I do not believe it is,” responded Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer is very likely right. But if there is a way to stop — or at least slow — Sanders, most Democratic insiders are convinced it’s this: Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama get behind an alternative candidate to the Vermont senator. Not only that, but the Obamas make their endorsements soon — like pre-Super Tuesday — and they urge all of the other candidates to get out of the race ASAP.

Why might this work? Because the Obamas are hugely popular figures among Democrats — especially African-Americans, who would be the first building block of any candidate trying to build a coalition to beat Sanders. Obama left office in early 2017 with 6 in 10 Americans approving of the job he did as president, and those numbers have only improved since — as people forget what they didn’t like about his presidency and remember the good times.

Bernie’s base has been acutely aware of the work being done to thwart them, and will surely chalk this up as another incoming attack from the Democratic Deep State.


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