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Comedy Troupe Sends Prankster to Propose to Elizabeth Warren

The Democratic Party is likely hoping that this is the extent to which we’ll be laughing at them on Monday night. 

In the evening on Monday, there will emerge a new vision for the path to the White House.

The Democratic primary season will kick off in earnest tonight as the Iowa caucuses give us our all important first look at how candidates are faring without the bias of the pollster mafioso.  Will Bernie break free of the Democratic Deep State and score the victory that his staffers were told to prepare to celebrate tonight?  Or will Biden prevail, just so that the party establishment doesn’t lose too much face with an impeachment failure looming later this week?

In either case, there’s a lot happening in Iowa on Monday, including a surprise proposal for 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren.

The Good Liars,” a New York City-based comedy duo of Jason Selvig and Davram Stieflier, have created awkward moments for 2020 Democrats looking to make a good last impression on Iowa voters before the first-in-the-nation caucuses. Most recently, they asked former Vice President Joe Biden for some marriage advice at a Saturday rally.

A person appearing to be Selvig stood up and asked Biden what he should do after his wife left him, prompting Biden to say he would have that conversation after the event. When the prankster insisted on not putting off the conversation, Biden zinged back, “I’m beginning to see why your wife left you.”

Then came the big moment.

“The Good Liars,” also showed up at an Elizabeth Warren rally, where one of the rascals, appearing to be Selvig, got on stage and bent to a knee before asking Warren, “Will you be my candidate for president?”

Warren laughed before responding, “Yes, I will be your candidate for president,” then hugging him and shaking his hand.

Warren then gave the comedy troupe a moment to speak, which turned into yet another cringe-inducing prank.

The Democratic Party is likely hoping that this is the extent to which we’ll be laughing at them on Monday night.

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