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Congress Looks Ready to Have Attorney General Bill Barr Arrested and Forced to Testify

Bill Barr’s obstinance has been a real disservice to the Trump administration, and could now land the Attorney General in handcuffs.

Another week, another wild and unprecedented piece of political pandemonium in our nation’s capital.

Americans have been struggling with the aftermath of the Mueller report for some weeks now, with the politicians at the center of the hullabaloo muddying the waters of the Washington Swamp with each flailing maneuver.

All the American people want is the full and un-redacted Mueller report to make it into Congressional hands.  It’s that simple.  Without such transparency, a real feeling of corruption will continue to foment deep within the recesses of the Justice Department, casting doubt over everything that Attorney General Bill Barr touches.

And, since we’re being honest here, Barr’s refusal to testify on Thursday in front of the House Judiciary Committee was a true disservice to the President of the United States, who has long touted the conclusions of the Mueller report to be in his favor.  B

Barr’s absence did literally nothing to bolster that well-accepted fact, but certainly could have.

Now, as Barr continues to evade Congressional requests for testimony and documents, the legislative branch only has a few options left…and none of them are particularly comfortable for Barr.

Committee member Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., over the weekend urged the panel to specifically pursue “inherent contempt,” calling for Barr to be arrested by the Sergeant at Arms and be physically brought before the committee to testify—a tactic reportedly not employed since the 1930s.

“I think they will stonewall at all costs,” Cohen told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, adding that the situation “leaves us no other alternative than to have our Sergeant at Arms bring him in. He is being utterly contemptuous of Congress. He lied to the Congress.”

The charge against Barr would be a serious one.

Inherent contempt, which allows a person to be held until they provide testimony, is one of three contempt options available, along with criminal contempt (under which an individual is charged with a crime) and civil judgment (leading to a civil court process)

Cohen added: “You have to have him sit for a hearing and you have to have him locked up until he agrees to participate and come to the hearing.”

Congress will vote on Wednesday as to what punishment Barr will face.

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