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Congressional Democrats Go All-In on Russia Fear Mongering as Impeachment Fizzles

Apparently, the 22 months and $25 million spent by Robert Mueller wasn’t enough.

Donald Trump may have been impeached this this, (or maybe not), but that doesn’t seem to mean much in the long run.

The coming Senate trial is set to acquit the President, and “swiftly” if you believe what Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is saying, leaving little doubt that the Democrats have been working this angle with futile fervor.

Now, as the day of reckoning fast approaches, a number of left-leaning lawmakers are resorting to fear-mongering in order to attack the Commander in Chief, and they’re conjuring an already-debunked boogeyman.

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Right Now,” Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA) said she is afraid Russian President Vladimir Putin has negative information he is leveraging to control President Donald Trump.

Torres said, “I am afraid that Vladimir Putin may have something on the president. And it is the reason why the president has continued to play the handmaid to Vladimir Putin, inviting him to the White House and opening the doors and not having any advisers present, taking the notes from the interpreter and continuing to talk to him and continuing to parrot everything that he tells him.”

During an appearance on MSNBC, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters had similar fears.

On her early calls for impeachment, Waters said, “When I came to those conclusions early and starting the discussion, I wanted to sound the alarm that we better pay attention. And finally, it came to that, and I really knew that it would because of his character that he would not stop. And if he’s exonerated by the Senate when they do the trial, he’s going to get even worse. And I tell you, and I will predict he’s going to bring Putin into the White House for a meeting.”

Apparently, the 22 months and $25 million spent by Robert Mueller wasn’t enough.

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