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Congressman Says COVID Stimulus ‘Gets Done Today’, as Direct Payments are Reintroduced

It’s about time!

Over or the course of the last nine months, out nation has experience an economic devastation the likes of which we may have never seen before.

The need to remain socially-distanced during the COVID-19 pandemic has unfathomably injured our nation’s businesses, both large and small.  Restaurants, music venues, and sports arenas were some of the hardest hit by the pandemic’s precautions, and the federal government has been woefully slow to enact a second round of COVID stimulus or relief.  Now, with an eviction moratorium set to expire at the end of December, our nation needs assistance more than ever before.

According to at least one Congressman, that relief could be coming as early as Sunday.

Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., chair of the Senate Republican Conference, vowed that lawmakers will have a bill to provide additional relief from the coronavirus pandemic by the end of the weekend.

In a conversation with “Fox News Sunday,” Barrasso blamed Democrats for delaying the relief, while expressing confidence that Democrats and Republicans have finally managed to resolve their differences.

“This gets done today. No more delays. We’re not leaving until we have relief for the American people,” Barrasso said. “People are hurting, people need help, and there are two things we need to do to write this final chapter on coronavirus.”

Barrasso said that the first thing is to get people vaccinated, predicting that 20 million people will have received the vaccine before the end of 2020. The second thing, he said, was to make sure that people have economic relief.

His words were stern.

“We need to provide help to the American public, people who’ve been struggling. Until we get enough people vaccinated that we can fully get the economy back on track.”

The US economy often relies on a massive consumer boost around Christmastime, but with millions of Americans still out of work on account of COVID, that end of the year bonus may be far more subdued than the economists are predicting.


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