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CONTROVERSY: New 5G Cell Towers Come Complete with Major Radiation Hazard

Some say that the FCC is lying to the American people regarding the health hazards of 5G cellular technology.

The digital world that we live in symbiosis with is growing more advanced at a breakneck pace, and many are calling for humanity to pump the brakes.

Our technological advancements, particularly here in America and the rest of the first world, have created enormous industries based solely on the concept of providing convenience to those who can afford it.  Smartphone applications are a particularly poignant example, where some of us pay for software designed to help us save money, schedule our lives, borrow a stranger’s car, or order restaurant food to our homes.

And while the convenience aspect of all of this is fantastic, it comes at a price for our privacy.  Our spending, eating, and social habits are now all out there in cyberspace, waiting for the next ingenuous corporate crook to exploit.

That’s bad enough, certainly, but now we are pushing cellular convenience to medically dangerous new heights with the controversial implementation of 5G technology.

An East Bay neighborhood’s fight against 5G is the topic of a town council meeting scheduled for Wednesday night. Moraga residents are expected to turn out and demand the city do more to protect people from cell phone radiation exposure.

It is a fight that’s been going on across the country and has been particularly heated in the East Bay. Ellie Marks has been outspoken against 5G and cell phone companies for 11 years now.

“We may not see the full ramifications of this for 20-30 years. How can we just fly blindly into this? It doesn’t make sense,” Marks said.

Marks began her campaign against cell tower radiation after her husband, an avid cell phone user from the early days of the technology, developed a brain tumor located near his right ear.

The FCC maintains that the radiation from the 5G towers and phones will be safe for human beings, but that hasn’t eased Marks’ concerns.

“The FCC is lying to the general public,” Marks countered.


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