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COVERUP! Hunter Biden’s IRS Whistleblower Story SHOCKS America!

Americans were stunned, lashing out on Twitter regarding ‘these Biden slimeballs’.

The Biden family’s enormous and controversial international business portfolio has been one of the worst-kept secrets in all of American politics for decades now, with much of the hullabaloo intrinsically tied to First Son Hunter Biden.

In fact, Hunter’s global influence peddling possibilities were such a detriment to his father’s 2020 electoral bid that the mainstream media put forth a rather concerted effort to bury just about any headline that tackled it.

Now, however, with the GOP in charge of the House of Representatives, those with knowledge of his illicit affairs are feeling much freer to speak on the subject, and this includes a notable FBI whistleblower whose revelatory accusations have stunned the nation.

Twitter users and Republican figures had intense reactions to an alleged whistleblower claiming that the Biden administration is intentionally mishandling the Hunter Biden investigation.

Fox News confirmed that attorney Mark D. Lytle penned a letter calling for whistleblower privileges regarding his client, an IRS criminal supervisory agent. The letter read that the agent previously made legally protected disclosures at the IRS and stated that these disclosures “contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee.”

“My goal is to ensure that my client can properly share his lawfully protected disclosures with congressional committees,” Lytle wrote. “Thus, I respectfully request that your committees work with me to facilitate sharing this information with congress legally and with the fully informed advice of counsel.”

The backlash was sudden and powerful.

Radio host Mark Simone remarked, “Major breaking news – a whistleblower exposes a deep cover up in the Hunter Biden investigation and involvement of Merrick Garland in it and, of course, corrupt Lester Holt doesn’t even mention it on the evening news.”

Former Homeland Security Under Director Michael D. Brown wrote, “Read this. Every civil servant who has this kind of information, is willing to come forth should be afforded every protection available under the law. Congress has a duty to hear the information and consider it in whatever or any investigation they are or may pursue.”

“They cover up Hunter Biden’s many real crimes. And they indict President Trump over fake crimes. Are you watching? The left is so hell-bent on winning that they’re eroding the rule of law and trying to turn us into a banana republic,” former Missouri attorney general candidate Will Scharf tweeted.

“If a whistleblower has information on a Democrat, does it even count?” conservative account Fusilli Spock joked.

Podcast host Monica Crowley exclaimed, “The entire System is protecting Joe, Hunter and the rest of these Biden slimeballs. It’s corrupt to Hell and back.”

With Joe Biden reportedly preparing to announce his 2024 reelection bid any week now, the Hunter Biden saga will almost certainly take center stage once again.

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