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Crack pipe found in car rented by son of 2020 candidate, police opt not to prosecute

Requests for comment from the police and the candidate’s team have yet to be answered.

As we begin to approach the 2020 election in earnest, there are likely to be a glut of bizarre stories percolating in the political coffee pot.

Of course, we’ve already been bludgeoned with a few strange and disturbing issues involving the candidates that precede their official candidacies.

Liz Warren, for example, has long proclaimed that she was of Cherokee descent – something that President Trump eventually goaded the Senator into attempting to prove via a DNA test.  When that test returned data that proved inconclusive at best, Warren was forced to apologize to the fine people of the First Nations.

Then, of course, there are the seven women who’ve come forward to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriate sexual contact – an accusation made all the more salient by the plethora of YouTube videos demonstrating Biden’s incessant physical contact with often unwilling participants.

Now, another weird tale from Camp Biden is making the rounds, and it involves his son Hunter.

Breitbart News has exclusively obtained a heretofore unreported-on police report from days before the 2016 presidential election that describes how a cocaine pipe that authorities determined was used to smoke cocaine was found in a rental car returned to an Arizona Hertz location in the middle of the night. Also found in the vehicle were several personal effects of Hunter Biden, then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son, like two of his DC driver’s licenses, multiple credit cards, and personally identifying information like a Delaware Attorney General badge and a U.S. Secret Service business card that police said bore his name. Hunter Biden, according to the police report, had rented the vehicle from a location in California with the intent to return it to the Prescott, Arizona, location, where it was discovered the morning after it was dropped off with the drug paraphernalia and Hunter Biden’s personal effects inside.

Instead of returning the car keys to the drop box where after-hours returns are supposed to go, the car was returned—according to the police report—with the keys left in the gas tank compartment of the vehicle. Also found inside the vehicle, per the police report, were two drivers’ licenses both bearing Hunter Biden’s legal name Robert Biden, as well as “some credit cards with the same name,” “a secret service business card,” and an “Attorney General’s badge” all contained inside a wallet that Hertz rental employees discovered—along with a pipe that Hertz employees thought and police later confirmed was used to smoke illicit drugs, as well as “a white powdery substance in the arm rest of the vehicle.”

The story gets even more bizarre.

Two different Prescott Police Department officers as well as a detective conducted an investigation—but ultimately local authorities in both the city and county attorney’s offices declined to prosecute the case. A document shows the reason the county attorney declined to prosecute the vice president’s son is because they thought they would only be able to get minor charges to stick, and kicked it down to the city attorney. It is unclear from the documents why the city attorney declined to prosecute.

As of this writing, neither the Biden campaign more the Prescott Police Department have commented any further on the matter.

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