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CRAZY VIDEO: Texans Captures Cube-Shaped UFO in STUNNING Footage

This is just TOO WEIRD.

It has only been a few scant weeks since a Chinese spy balloon was the biggest story in America, as it crisscrossed our great nation doing who knows what and beaming information back to you know who.

While we await word of what precisely the object was up to, (and while we also await word of what several subsequent unidentified flying objects were), our eyes have turned away from the skies.  There is plenty of drama down here on planet earth to keep us occupied, from Donald Trump’s on-again, off-again indictment over the whole “Stormy Daniels thing” to Russia unleashing their stockpile of tanks from 1945 on Ukraine.

But there are still UFO’s zipping around the skies above America, as evidenced by this latest footage out of the Lone Star State.

An odd piece of footage from Texas shows a strange cube-shaped UFO hovering in the sky shortly after a military jet flew through the area. The puzzling sighting reportedly occurred on Tuesday at an unspecified location in the state. According to the unnamed witness, he and his wife were first drawn to looking overhead when an “F-111 fighter jet flew west to east over the house.” While thinking that this was unusual because such aircraft rarely appear “in this area,” the pair were doubly bewildered when, “seconds later,” they saw a dark “orb-like object” appear in the sky, which the man then filmed at the urging of his astounded wife.

His wife was equally as perplexed.

In the video, the witness can be heard marveling “that’s weird, a military jet flies by and then there’s that, whatever that is” to which his wife replies “I have no idea.”

Some have suggested that the idea may simply be a balloon, given a further description of the object as “having a glow about it” – presumably from its potential reflective coating.

The wild footage can be seen below.

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