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Cuomo Accused of Tampering with Probe of Sex Assault Claims

It seems as though things get worse for Andrew Cuomo every single day.

It seems that every 24 hours or so we learn something new about Andrew Cuomo and how he’s handling the multisided of investigations that he is now under the weight of.

The New York Governor has not only been dealing with a half dozen women who claim that he sexually assaulted or harassed them, but his office’s decision to move COVID-19 patients to NY nursing homes is coming under renewed scrutiny this week.

What’s even more telling in that controversy, however, is how Cuomo is said to have attempted to bully those around him into keeping quiet, hoping to protect his own political future in the process.

Now it seems as though he is attempting to pull strings in the sex assault cases as well.

An attorney for one of the women accusing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment is claiming that the governor is interfering with a state attorney general investigation.

Debra Katz, who represents Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett, complained in a letter to New York Attorney General Letitia James. It follows an Albany Times Union report that the administration was offering attorneys to meet with staffers before James’ office interviewed them, and even to accompany them to the interviews. Katz said she understood that the attorneys were also “debriefing” employees after the interviews.

“This is highly improper and we object in the strongest possible terms to this obvious interference with what you have stated would be a ‘thorough and independent’ investigation,” Katz wrote.

The administration attorneys’ reported involvement is part of a “parallel investigation” Cuomo’s office is conducting, accoring to the Times Union. A source with the New York Attorney General’s Office told the newspaper their office did not direct Cuomo’s office to conduct their own probe.

Cuomo has consistently refused to resign, despite the constant worsening of his situation and the ever-louder calls for him to remove himself from office.

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