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Cuomo Unthinkably Goes on Offensive During Sex Harassment Scandal

Cats are jealous of Andrew Cuomo’s career, which seems to have far more than just nine lives.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to be muzzled, and for his own good it seems.

This is a man who, as soon as Donald Trump left office, became the most controversial figure in American politics almost overnight.

Not only did he attempt to bully subordinates into covering for his horrific decision to send COVID-19 patients to the Empire State’s nursing homes, but then followed that career-ending blunder by being accused by a trio of women of being a grabby creep.

The last thing that Andrew Cuomo should be doing right now is turning combative with anybody, let alone the second most powerful politician in New York State.

But, then again, the reason Cuomo is so controversial is that no one is really sure of his decision-making capabilities.

The feud between two of New York’s most prominent leaders is escalating as New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s press secretary suggested that the governor was criticizing her boss to vindicate himself in his ongoing sexual harassment scandal.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo implied during his Wednesday press conference that De Blasio was responsible for his city “teetering” with rising homelessness, crime, and people leaving.

“We have to get New York City functional again, and safe again, and viable again, and we have to do that quickly,” he said. “We have a new mayor that’s going to be selected basically in June … and that work has to start right away.”

In response, De Blasio’s press secretary, Avery Cohen, suggested that Cuomo was trying to distract from his own scandal. “Attacking the Mayor’s leadership as a means to vindicate yourself of serious sexual misconduct allegations is really something else,” Cohen tweeted.

Mayor Bill had previously stated, in no uncertain terms, that Cuomo “cannot govern” if any of the sexual harassment claims against him were true.

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