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Dem Leader Changes Tune on Impeachment, Signals Renewed Willingness

Steny Hoyer only needed a few hours of the mainstream news’ spin on the Mueller report to seemingly change his tune on impeachment.

We are now living in the peripheries of politicly perception, far away from the gravitational reality known as the truth.

The media, who have long been banking on this week for ratings, are ecstatic regarding the release of the Mueller report, knowing fully well that the stubbornness of both the President and the democratic leadership will make for compelling television.

No matter what the Mueller report said, the reactions would be the same:  President Trump would continue to claim “no obstruction, no collusion”, 80% of the infotainment “news” industry would attempt to refute this vociferously, and Fox News would provide their more Trump-friendly take on the subject.

No need to be offended by this declaration; it’s nothing new or unknown.

But what we perhaps didn’t expect was for congressional democrats to begin changing their tune on impeachment in the wake of the infotainment industry’s renewed attacks on the President.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been clear; she has no interest in impeachment.  Fellow democrat Steny Hoyer was in the same boat as Pelosi in the hours after the Mueller report has been released.

Now, after a thorough spin cycle, Hoyer is seemingly changing his tune.

The democratic contingent in Congress has turned to implying that impeachment may be necessary, if only to obtain a full and un-redacted version of the Mueller report, effectively putting the onus on Attorney General Bill Barr to keep the President out of this particular political fiasco.

Hoyer’s comments, and the swift turn that they represent, could be an indication of the turning tide in Washington, as the Deep State, the Swamp creatures, and the partisan hacks continue to reel from yesterday’s stunning developments.


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