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DC’s Jitters on Display as Homeless Camp Fire Locks Down Capitol

Nerves are a bit raw on The Beltway this week.

The events of January 6th, as we can best interpret them 12 days after the fact, exposed something very worrisome to our nation:  The fragility of our governmental system.

It was on January 6th that a mob of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, temporarily delaying the certification of the electoral college results that would make official Joe Biden’s 2020 win.  When the dust settled, it was plain to see that the Capitol was not very well protected, and that some the men and women in charge of keeping Congress safe were woefully inept, or even possibly complicit in the madness.

For the Biden inauguration, set to take place on Wednesday, the Capitol itself is a fortress.  There are unscalable fences, humvees, and tens-of-thousands of National Guard troops on site – all of which have been additionally screened to be sure that none would be willing act as an “inside man” to the insurrectionists.

And, if you needed proof that the nation’s capital was nervous about what’s to come:

The U.S. Capitol Building was placed in a brief lockdown in response to what announcements on the grounds described as an “external security threat,” Fox News has learned.

The threat appears to have been linked to an outdoor fire at a homeless encampment that has since been extinguished.

The encampment was located approximately one mile away, where a plume of smoke created security concerns. Washington, D.C. Fire and EMS said the fire “accounts for smoke that many have seen.”

A rehearsal for Joe Biden’s inauguration was also postponed days ago on account of an unspecified security concern.

The FBI has suggested that armed extremists are planning multiple, massive demonstrations around the nation to protest the inauguration on Wednesday.

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