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Declassification of RussiaGate origin documents could go public as soon as Wednesday

The answers we seek may be closer than we imagined.

As congressional democrats continue to spin their wheels in hopes of making a mountain out of a Mueller molehill, their political opponents are preparing to get some much-deserved answers about the days leading up to the Special Counsel’s appointment.

The concern is a simple one, but it could have major ramifications for the future of our nation:  Did the FBI inappropriately surveil the 2016 Trump campaign based on a FISA warrant application that was approved due to the Steele Dossier.

That particularly salacious document has been considered completely unverifiable, and it sensationally purports that Donald Trump was being blackmailed by The Kremlin.  The allegations themselves were absurd, namely that Trump had been cavorting with Muscovite prostitutes who specialized in a particularly unsanitary fetish, and that there was perhaps even video evidence of the acts.

Of course, this is all pure conjecture, and was quickly deemed such when no such evidence could be found to support these claims.  Still, the investigation into the Trump campaign continued, perhaps aided by a lax interpretation of the legitimacy of the dossier itself.  Furthermore, there is evidence that the document was funded by Trump’s political enemies for the sole purpose of swaying the election in their favor.

Now, after the Mueller mess has been mitigated, it looks as though we may get the answers to our questions after all.

Former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Joseph diGenova released a bombshell this weekwhen he claimed that key documents exposing the nature of the deep state coup d’état against President Donald Trump will be released as soon as Wednesday.

“The declassification process will start this week. There are going to be documents released, I think, by Wednesday. The Attorney General as I understand it is in the process of getting those ready to come out,” diGenova said during an appearance on WMAL Radio on Monday morning.

“There are going to be some of the Devin Nunes documents that he requested, and then a series of other releases will come after that. It’s because [U.S. Attorney John] Durham is progressing very, very quickly in his criminal investigation,” diGenova added.

Meanwhile, democrats such as Adam Schiff are continuing to ramp up their “impeachment” rhetoric, perhaps in an attempt to steer the narrative away from the coming declassification.


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