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DEFCON 5: New York Times Decides That The New ‘Civil War’ Has Begun

This is doomsday hyperbole at its most dastardly.

If it bleeds, it leads, right?

At least, that seems to be the modus operandi of the mainstream media these days.  They realize that America, (and the Americans who live here), are on the precipice of unleashing something truly horrible upon ourselves.  We are divided and angry.  We are vitriolic and vicious.  We’re mad as all hell, and many of us aren’t going to take it anymore.

Yet, despite the growing number of violent incidents that have been occurring from coast to coast, the infotainment industry and their mainstream newspaper pals are doing very little to quell the unrest.  Instead, they see this conflict as a way to revamp their ratings and sell commercial airtime, and so they fan the flames of this division.

Even the New York Times, who truly relishes playing the role of “real news”, is getting in on the act, with columnist Thomas Friedman appearing on CNN this week to declare that the New Civil War has officially begun. 

“I found it stunning and surprising,” Friedman said of President Donald Trump’s unwillingness to commit to accepting the possible outcome of election results. “Anderson, you know, I began my career as a journalist covering Lebanon’s second civil war and its history. And I’m terrified to find myself ending my career as a journalist covering America’s potential second civil war in its history.”

Host Anderson Cooper asked Friedman if he really believed it, to which Friedman affirmed the belief and slammed the Republican Party for being what he deemed to be a “political brothel.”

“Yes, I think what happened in the last few days is a six-alarm fire,” he replied. “I think it’s DEFCON 5. The President of the United States has told us either I win the election, or I delegitimize the election. Those are your choices, folks. And he basically is trying to break people’s will to really get people to say, what the heck, he wants it so bad. Just give it to him. I think this is certainly the most frightening moment in my life. It’s frightening because of him. It’s frightening because he’s backed by a state-owned network.”

The hyperbole was a double-whammy for the mainstream media, as CNN and the New York Times continue to push an apocalyptic narrative for the sake of their bottom lines.

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