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DEM CIVIL WAR: Bernie Bros Bash Buttigieg for MAGA Crowd Comparisons

Bernie Sanders’ campaign hit Buttigieg where he is most vulnerable: In his base’s lack of diversity.

With twenty, yes, twenty, democrats now in the race for the Oval Office in 2020, there is no doubt some infighting is going to occur.

This isn’t just the nature of modern politics, but something that is only enhanced by the enormous field of egos attempting to attain and retain your attention.  In this pursuit there will be name-calling, mudslinging, hoaxes, accusations, insinuations, and salaciousness, some of which we are already beginning to see.

With Bernie Sanders atop the crowded field for the moment, (and awaiting the official entrance of former Vice President Joe Biden), it seems as though the underlings of the campaign trail have placed a target squarely on the back of the democratic socialist from Vermont.

Pete Buttigieg is one such man, who recently compared the overzealous “Bernie Bros” of Sanders base with that of the MAGA-hat wearing contingent that supports the Commander in Chief.

This did not sit well with Camp Bernie.

“I think the sense of anger and disaffection that comes from seeing that the numbers are fine, like unemployment’s low, like all that, like you said GDP is growing and yet a lot of neighborhoods and families are living like this recovery never even happened. They’re stuck,” Buttigieg reportedly said. “It just kind of turns you against the system in general and then you’re more likely to want to vote to blow up the system, which could lead you to somebody like Bernie and it could lead you to somebody like Trump. That’s how we got where we are.”

Nina Turner and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), national co-chairs of Sanders’s presidential campaign, criticized Buttigieg’s comparison while also previewing what could be potential attacks against Buttigieg if “Mayor Pete” continues to rise in the polls.

Sanders’ team hit Buttigieg in a vulnerable spot, ripping the lack of diversity among Buttigieg’s supporters.

“Bernie Sanders’ supporters are not the same as Trump fans — Sen. @BernieSanders supporters are Democratic & Independent voters, many of whom are people of color,” Turner tweeted, not-so-subtly comparing the “diverse” Sanders supporters to the wealthy white “wine-track” liberals who have been behind the so-called “Buttigieg boomlet.”

Given just how reliant the democratic party is on the perception of their own diversity, Turner’s tweet is nothing less than a shot being fired across the bow of Buttigieg’s boat, and will likely be a talking point for days to come.

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