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Dem Longshot Upsets Status Quo in Fundraising, Drawing Ire from Peers

While the democrats continue to flood the field, one surprising candidate is riding in a boat full of cash.

While it is certainly early in the 2020 election cycle, the writing is on the wall for several of the nearly 2 dozen candidates already out there on the trail.

Kamala Harris, while still possessing the fundraising prowess of someone with twice her political experience, has far too much baggage from her days of being a cutthroat on the prosecutorial circuit to escape unto the liberal plateau.  On top of that, Harris made in irreparable mistake in getting caught lying about her time spent listening to hip hop music – a fib discovered by looking at the supposed dates that Harris quoted.  This grievance occurred during Black History Month as well, leading to accusations that Harris is not as connected to minority culture as she would allow her campaign to assert.

Similarly, Joe Biden, who hasn’t even entered the race officially as of yet, is being accused of inappropriately groping and smelling women, essentially nailing his campaign coffin closed during this, the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp.

Now another long-shot is looking to upset the apple cart by announcing his extraordinary fundraising numbers to a stunned field.

Pete Buttigieg’s Monday fundraising announcement carried an unmistakable message to his 2020 rivals: He’s here to stay.

The South Bend (Ind.) mayor has jolted the 2020 presidential campaign with growing media attention and rising public polling, and he did it again Monday by saying he raised over $7 million during his first months on the trail, seeding his campaign with the resources to take advantage of the early burst of national attention.

Buttigieg’s fundraising haul is the clearest sign yet that he’s emerging as a serious contender for the Democratic nomination in an unorthodox way. The 37-year-old, openly gay candidate is raising millions online and capturing the attention of national Democrats in a string of viral moments in recent weeks, while also leaning on a network of fellow mayors to build roots on the ground.

Of course, this has the democratic base in a bit of a panic.

“He’s disrupting the entire 2020 race,” said Jon Soltz, president of VoteVets, a progressive group that hasn’t endorsed a 2020 candidate. Soltz added: “The more and more people hear from him, the more they think he’s the fresh face that they’ve been waiting for.”

Buttigieg’s fundraising totals come complete with yet another qualifier:  The candidate spent very little on Facebook advertising ahead of the push, citing a campaign expenditure of just $15,000 for such outreach.


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