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Dem Strategist Blasts Bernie on Live TV, Doesn’t Want to ‘Be in a Cult’

Well, there you have it from the ragin’ Cajun himself.

The Democratic Party still has plenty of work to do in terms of choosing their nominee for 2020, and the Iowa caucus disaster of a week ago certainly didn’t help.

For many, the choice has always been obvious:  Former Vice President Joe Biden.  Not only would he be able to rely on his recent stint in the White House with Barack Obama for street cred, but his centrist appeal could be just what is needed in order to seduce moderate midwestern voters who aren’t too keen on Donald Trump’s sometimes incendiary behavior.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden continues to show signs of being highly out of touch with the Democratic base…and maybe even reality.

This has led to the sudden realization that Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist from Vermont, could potentially snatch the nomination.

Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville is no fan of this possibility, and likened Sanders’ supporters to a “cult” in his latest remarks on the subject.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Carville said the Democrats must defeat President Trump in November or the country will be in an “abyss.” But he said many of the candidates, Sanders in particular, are not appealing to enough of the electorate, including African-Americans.

Carville likened Sanders to Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing leader of Britain’s Labour Party who was soundly defeated in December.

“The only thing, the only thing between the United States and the abyss is the Democratic Party. That’s it. If we go the way of the British Labour Party, if we nominate Jeremy Corbyn, it’s going to be the end of days. … So I am scared to death, I really am,” said Carville.

Then came the clincher.

“There’s a certain part of the Democratic Party that wants us to be a cult. I’m not interested in being in a cult. I’m 75 years old. I’m just not a very culty person,” he said.

The New Hampshire primary is scheduled for Tuesday of this week, and could provide precisely the sort of boost to Bernie’s bid that Carville is afraid of.

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