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Democrat Floated as Possible Biden VP Pick: ‘Voter Fraud is By and Large a Myth’

Oh, the irony.

It seems awfully peculiar that Republicans are the only folks still worried about voter fraud, doesn’t it?  Wouldn’t we, as the voters whose value diminishes in the presence of such tomfoolery, elect only those who see voter fraud as the clear and present danger to our republic that it is?

When it comes to morality, there is only one stance that can be taken on the subject, and that stance demands diligence from us in the face of the threat.  Those who don’t wish to see safeguards put into place in this instance are likely to have discovered some way to behoove themselves in the scheme.

Stacey Abrams, who has been linked to a possible spot on the Biden 2020 ticket despite losing the governor’s race in Georgia, is now trying to tell the world not to worry about voter fraud whatsoever, because it is apparently as real as Sasquatch.

From a recent appearance on MSNBC:

“The reality is, if we go ahead and get mail-in ballots to as many voters as possible, you shorten the lines which means you can move as many people out of needing to be in person which lets you focus on those who must show up to vote in person – the disabled, those who have language barriers, the homeless and those who have been displaced by COVID-19 and do not have mailing addresses that are stable, or those whose absentee ballots don’t reach them. But we have to follow a gold standard, which means that we do what is necessary to protect those ballots. But here’s the thing. Voter fraud is, by and large, a myth. The President of the United States, number one, voted by mail just recently, and so it worked for him. The concern he has is that it will actually work for every American. Our elections are not partisan. The choices we make are, but the elections themselves should be available to every eligible American citizen. And that is why we are all working so hard to ensure that we can not only flatten the curve but ensure our democracy. What we saw happen in Wisconsin was a travesty and a tragedy, and it does not have to happen.”

Abrams’ loss to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was characterized as a “rigged” contest by Abrams, who saw Kemp’s role as Secretary of State as a conduit for widespread electoral malfeasance.

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