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Democratic 2020 candidate’s crowd-surfing stunt caught on camera

PR stunts abound in the 2020 democratic race, as the cringeworthy moments continue to populate millennial Twitter feeds.

There is nothing more cringe-inducing than watching someone blatantly pander to an audience.

No where is this behavior more obvious and upsetting than in the world of politics, particularly on the democratic side of things.  2020’s progressive presidential hopefuls are no exception, either, given that a great majority of their party’s efforts are aimed toward the youth vote – with often several generations separating the political predator from its constituent prey.

This is the sort of relationship that has folks like Beto O’Rourke riding skateboards around in Whataburger parking lots, and Liz Warren slugging beers in her kitchen.

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Now we can add Andrew Yang to the list of PR stunt-prone politicos who are vying for the White House in 2020.

But Yang’s youth-baiting stunt hasn’t done much for his campaign, as he continues to garner only about 3% of the vote despite his promise to give everyone in America an extra $1,000 per month as “universal basic income”.


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